TV-Mirror with Matte Black Frame
TV-Mirror with Matte Black FrameTV-Mirror with Matte Black FrameTV-Mirror with Matte Black FrameTV-Mirror with Matte Black FrameTV-Mirror with Matte Black FrameTV-Mirror with Matte Black FrameTV-Mirror with Matte Black Frame

Our TV-Mirror in a matte black frame is a clean and contemporary design perfect for modern interiors.

This piece is available to purchase in a 43”, 50" or 55” TV-Mirror.

As seen on the The Block 2020

Sarah and George's Living and Dining Room - Sarah and George introduced a TV-Mirror above their fireplace in their Living and Dining Room.

The 55" TV-Mirror was the perfect size for Sarah and George's statement fireplace. We used a sleek black frame to work in with the modern and contemporary finishes in their space.

As seen on the The Block 2019 

Both El'ise and Matt as well as Jesse and Mel chose to elevate their interiors with a TV-Mirror in a matte black frame.

El’ise and Matt’s Living and Dining Room - El’ise and Matt looked to introduce a custom made TV-Mirror to their Living and Dining Room and opted for the 55" size. The sleek black frame was perfect for their decorating style. They also had a selection of framed art in their space, so to have a mirror in lieu of a standard TV reflecting their art was a beautiful styling choice.

Jesse and Mel’s Guest Bedroom - Jesse and Mel used the TV-Mirror in their Guest Bedroom to introduce a hidden TV to the bedroom. The 43" matte black frame complimented their finishes and styling accents.


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This 43" Mirror TV measures 1000mm x 560mm

This 50" Mirror TV measures 1180mm x 710mm

This 55" Mirror TV measures 1310mm x 800mm 

Our TV-Mirrors include the purchase of a Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD and TV hanging bracket and delivery. For Melbourne customers we offer our installation service.

Please note, the total size of the TV-Mirror can differ due the TV used. Measurements serve as a guide for your space.

Contact us to design the perfect custom-made TV-Mirror for your home.

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