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The TV-Mirror is the perfect solution to disguising the TV in your interiors.

As created for Living Rooms, Formal Lounge Rooms, Kitchens and Bedroom interiors, you can shop this edit of TV-Mirror designs, or contact us to design the perfect framed mirror television for your space.

TV-Mirror in Classic Black Frame with Pewter Detail by FRAMING TO A T - A TV-Mirror in the kitchen in a black contemporary frame

functional & beautiful 

The TV-Mirror is a stunning addition to your everyday space to hide the TV; practical and beautiful to complete your kitchen interiors.


We designed and supplied this Victorian Arched TV-Mirror in Ornate Soft Silver Leaf Frame for above the fireplace mantle, disguising the TV with a gilded arch mirror.

Victorian Arched TV-Mirror in Ornate Soft Silver Leaf Frame - An arched ornate mirror with hidden Samsung TV at the base.


Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, our TV-Mirrors are constructed with high quality materials and expert picture framing techniques.

Chat to our Design Consultants about choosing a custom frame design from our extensive range of fine mouldings to complement your interior styling.

specialised mineral glass

The TV-Mirror is a framed TV with a specialised mineral glass applied which allows the television imagery to play when the TV is switched on, when the TV is turned off, the framed piece is a beautiful mirror.

The mirror glass is applied over a TV and then built into a stunning timber frame of your choice.


When the TV is turned off, the framed piece is a beautiful mirror, becoming a hidden TV.

The amount of light in the room will affect how the TV Mirror plays imagery. A space with high levels of lighting is optimal for mirror reflection, while low levels of light is ideal for TV viewing.



Contact us to design a TV-Mirror with custom sizing and frame design for the ultimate TV-Mirror for your space.

A Vertical TV-Mirror in a Master Bedroom Setting


How does a TV-Mirror work?

As quality custom picture framers, we design and manufacture our TV-Mirrors Mirrors in-house with expert picture framing techniques. 

The TV-Mirror glass is applied over a Samsung TV and then built into a stunning timber frame of your choice.

When the TV is off, the piece is a beautiful framed mirror and hidden TV. 

When the TV is on, the imagery plays through seamlessly. 

We love this product as it not only disguises the TV, but with an exquisite frame design, the Mirror TV presents as a stunning mirror in your space when the TV is off.

Is a TV-Mirror suitable for my home?

The TV-Mirror is ideal for installation in the living room, lounge, master bedroom or ensuite bathroom for a stylish approach to disguising a TV. The amount of light in the room will affect how the mirror television displays imagery.

A space with high levels of lighting is optimal for reflection when the TV looks like a mirror, while low levels of light is ideal for TV viewing.

If you have a very bright space, with large windows and skylights, TV viewing at night in this space will be absolutely fine, but if you’re watching TV during the day with no block out, you will struggle with the amount of reflection for when the TV is on.

Do you supply the hidden TV-Mirrors interstate?

Absolutely! We design and manufacture our Mirror TV's in Melbourne and supply and deliver Australia-wide.

We can assist remotely with interstate customers by phone, email, or Video Design Consultation to design and create the perfect TV-Mirror for your space.

How much does a TV-Mirror cost?

At FRAMING TO A T, every TV-Mirror is custom made for you! This means that you can have choice of TV size, orientation and frame design. Each of these aspects will derive the final price of your TV-Mirror.

Explore our TV-Mirrors on our online store to discover a design that you like, choose a size and see the pricing for these chosen designs. Our pricing online includes the Samsung Smart TV in your chosen size, TV hanging bracket and wall mount, as well as delivery to metro cities. For a custom quote get in touch with our team or visit us in stores.

What is the lead time for a TV-Mirror?

With each TV-Mirror made to order in-house at FRAMING TO A T in Melbourne, please allow approximately a 4-8 week turnaround.

I'm interstate, who can install my TV-Mirror?

Upon receiving your TV-Mirror delivery, your electrician, TV installer or handyman will be able to install your TV-Mirror. It is no different to installing a regular TV, it's just a bit heavier, which is why we supply the TV hanging bracket with every TV-Mirror. You can watch a video of a TV-Mirror installation here.

How do I prepare my space for a TV-Mirror?

To prepare your wall for the TV-Mirror, organise the install of a power point and aerial with your electrician.

The power point and aerial can be placed together on the right hand side for ease of installation of the Mirror TV If you already have a power point on the wall, we can of course work with however your wall is placed, as long as there is a clear 200mm through the centre of the wall for the TV hanging bracket to be installed.

What are the benefits of a TV Mirror?

Having a mirror installed in your space elevates your interiors by reflecting the beauty of a room, a landscaped garden, or a striking artwork. Introducing a custom-designed Mirror TV can serve the purpose of not only practicality but enhances a space with an exquisite mirror design.

In many living rooms, the furniture placement often revolves around a television; however, incorporating a TV Mirror to your space will create a more social space, with furniture placement geared more towards conversation and great entertaining.

Can I turn my TV into a TV-Mirror?

You can! If you’re not due for a TV update, we are happy for you to use your existing TV to be built into the Mirror TV.

We will chat with you about the year, model and make to ensure it will be suitable for a TV-Mirror.

Can I supply my own TV?

Of course! We often work alongside AV Specialists who look to source a TV-Mirror for their clients and they will provide the television for the process.

For ease and convenience for our customers, we offer to arrange the purchase of a TV in their chosen size, but if you wish to source a new TV yourself, you are most welcome. 

We do request you check the TV make and model with us so we can ensure it will be suitable for a hidden TV-Mirror.

FRAMING TO A T will supply the TV hanging bracket and wall mount to ensure it will be suitable to hold the weight of the TV-Mirror.

What television is supplied with the TV-Mirrors?

We supply a Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD. User-friendly with modern features, the slim profile makes it a great choice for a TV-Mirror. Once framed, it will sit flatter to the wall than other brands. 

 - They have a good quality picture that isn’t affected by the mirror glass being placed on the outside of the TV. Because of the great quality picture, reduction of quality is minimal once the glass sits over the top of the screen. 

 - They are slim TV’s so once framed and built into a TV-Mirror, they sit quite close to the wall. They sit flatter to the wall than some other brands.  

 - The casing of the actual TV is strong, so we are building on a quality base for the Mirror TV. 

In a few years time, what happens if I want to upgrade my TV? 

If the TV is the same size or smaller, it will still fit into the frame, and we can replace it for you within the TV-Mirror design. This would be done on-site at our Manufacturing HQ so we can arrange to pick up your TV-Mirror and then re-deliver and installation again on completion.

What if my TV needs repairs?

If your TV requires repairs, your TV repair specialist can still access the back of TV like any normal television.

You can get in touch with us and we can assist with the process if you require.

What TV sizes are available for the TV-Mirror?

We custom make our TV-Mirrors for the 43", 50", 55", 65" and 75" TV sizes.

We can assist you with ideal sizing and frame design for your interiors.

What frame will work best for my space?

Our Design Consultants can assist you with designing the perfect TV-Mirror for your home, office, or commercial project. We’ll ask you about your style and finishes in your space, and you can even share photos of your space so we can advise on sizing and frame design.

We have an extensive range of frames to select from to complement your interiors, and we can custom make the TV-Mirror in a variety of styles to best suit your space. 

A horizontal design follows the shape of the TV, but we can also create a vertical TV-Mirror where the TV is situated in the top, middle or base of the mirror.

Can I have the TV-Mirror on a swivel bracket?

At FRAMING TO A T, every TV-Mirror is made-to-order just for you! When we discuss your interiors and the TV-Mirror placement we can absolutely discuss what bracket-style will suit your space and when your order is placed, your choice of bracket will be noted.

I’m finishing a new build and planning the placement of a TV. What size should I make the alcove in the wall to fit a TV-Mirror?

Having the back of the TV sitting recessed into an alcove in the wall is a great way to incorporate your TV-Mirror seamlessly into a space. Although it’s not a necessary design feature when introducing a TV-Mirror into your space, it can help if you would prefer the look of:

- the TV sitting back ‘hidden’ in the alcove with the frame sitting proud of the wall

- or to have the whole TV-Mirror, frame and all, sitting within the alcove.

When preparing your wall for a TV-Mirror, we do have to wait until we have purchased and received the TV before sharing the exact measurements for your alcove with you and your builder, as each TV can be slightly different dimensions. Even if it may be a TV model we work with often, TVs can often individually vary 5mm. Once it has arrived at our workshop ready to be built into a TV-Mirror, we can establish the exact TV measurements, what size the frame is, then we can share with you what size to build the alcove, including the plaster, and the depth of the alcove.

Note: all the TV-Mirrors designed and built to sit within an alcove are installed on a swivel bracket to allow you to access the power, HDMI behind the TV.

How do I care for a TV-Mirror?

The two-way mirror glass is best cleaned with a non-ammonium glass cleaner, as you would use on any TV or mirror to keep the glass in pristine condition. Spray your product onto a soft cloth or microfibre and gently wipe over the surface. Avoid spraying glass cleaner directly on the glass surface. Keep sharp objects away from the glass as you would for any TV or mirror.