Our Tour of The Block featuring
Custom Made TV-Mirrors by FRAMING TO A T

December 2019

We were thrilled to be part of another fabulous season of The Block this year. We wanted to share some of our favourite spaces across each of the contestants’ apartments, featuring the five custom TV-Mirrors we designed for the teams!

We had a private tour of the five apartments at The Olso, led by The Block Shop’s own Sarah Armstrong. Sarah showed the FRAMING TO A T Team through each home created by the couples and we were blown away with the scale, design and finishes of the apartments.

Watch our video tour of The Block featuring our custom made TV-Mirrors and a beautiful framed artwork.

During the show, when we delivered and installed the TV-Mirrors and framed artwork, the teams were often scrambling to finish the rooms before reveals the next day, so visiting The Block post-completion was amazing to see these spaces looking exquisite!

Last month we had a feature over on The Block Shop sharing the design process behind each TV-Mirror featured on The Block this year, as well as a little insight into our manufacturing process and our business journey as we celebrate 30 years of FRAMING TO A T FRAMERS & DESIGNERS.

In House 1, Mitch and Mark wanted to create a statement with their TV-Mirror featured in their Living and Dining Room. In this space they worked with masculine blues and navy, with accents of gold, and they chose a stunning heavy, gold leaf frame for a 55” TV-Mirror

Over in House 3, Andy and Deb designed a custom made TV-Mirror for their Formal Living Room which you walk in and view from the front entrance. With their laid-back take on a formal space, Andy and Deb created a standout room, with an exposed brick wall in which the 55” TV-Mirror framed in a gold frame with black detailing sits over a fireplace. We often get asked many questions about placement of a Mirror TV over a fireplace. The TV-Mirror is absolutely fine to place above a fireplace if there is 100mm clearance between the fireplace and TV-Mirror, or if you incorporate a mantle to block the heat from affecting the TV-Mirror.

In House 4 El’ise and Matt chose to incorporate a TV-Mirror into their Living and Dining Room. El’ise and Matt had some exquisite artworks in this space, so disguising the TV with a TV-Mirror was a perfect choice. Not only is the 55” TV framed in a beautiful timber matte black frame, the piece is a mirror when the TV is switched off, and that was exactly what this couple wanted to elevate their space rather than choosing a normal TV.  

Jesse and Mel in House 5 are Melbourne-based and had already heard about our brand and our TV-Mirrors prior to competing on The Block this season. The pair opened the show in Week 1 with a 55” TV-Mirror framed in a Matte Black Frame that caught the judges attention, and as well as completing the challenge of delivering a finished space in Week 1, Jesse and Mel took out the first win of the season.  

We worked with Jesse and Mel a second time during Master Bedroom week where the couple came to us for guidance on a show-stopping TV-Mirror. We encouraged the pair to opt for a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal design, and with a beautiful bold frame design a black frame that protrudes from the mirror, we made a Vertical Leaner Dress TV-Mirror for the Master Bedroom.

When working with the vertical orientation we can position the TV at any height to work with the positioning of the mirror for optimum TV viewing. In this space you can also see the beautiful framed artwork Jesse and Mel purchased in store at FRAMING TO A T. The beautiful photographic print ‘Corsage’, by Robert Jaso, framed in a matte white frame with gold inner detail.  

It was an amazing experience to be involved in The Block this year. A huge congratulations to Tess and Luke for taking out the win following the auctions. We are so happy each of the contestants achieved incredible results from the auctions. With their immense hard work and determination, the homes they produced were just beautiful.

Shop the TV-Mirrors we custom made for The Block here, or contact us to chat about designing the perfect TV-Mirror for your home or creative space.