TV-Mirror with Gold Leaf Frame

Our TV-Mirror framed in a gold leaf frame creates a statement in any home looking to incorporate gold accents to complement their styling and disguise the TV with a beautiful mirror.

This bold, gold leaf frame is an elegant choice, perfect for interiors with a blend of traditional and contemporary style.

This piece is available to purchase in a 50” or 55” TV-Mirror.

As seen on the The Block 2019
 Mitch and Mark’s Living and Dining Room - Mitch and Mark wanted to install a mirror above the fireplace in their Living and Dining Room so to to introduce the TV-Mirror in a strong gold leaf frame design it was the perfect way to complete this space.

For the space above Mitch and Mark's fireplace, they opted for a 55" TV.

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This 50" Mirror TV measures 1220mm x 750mm

This 55" Mirror TV measures 1350mm x 840mm

Our TV-Mirrors include the purchase of a Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD, the TV hanging bracket and delivery. For Melbourne customers we offer our installation service. 

Please note, the total size of the TV-Mirror can differ due the TV used. Measurements serve as a guide for your space. 

Contact us to design the perfect custom-made TV-Mirror for your home.

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