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Artist Ellie Evelyn Orrell looks to create work inspired by joy. Food and scenes from the kitchen are themes that often reoccur in Ellie’s artwork: From messy breakfast tables to restaurant visits. “I make a lot of work sitting at the kitchen table and I have always felt deeply inspired by the quiet joy of sharing meals or coffees with friends."

Ellie often uses materials, she collects from newspapers, menus, leaflets and flyers to create her intuitive collages. It forces her to relinquish a certain degree of control and instead allows the colours and shapes of the work to be led by the material.

“The art print Ramen Shop was made during a trip to Copenhagen, using materials collected in the city and sketchbook drawings from a ramen shop some good friends took me to.”


Fine art giclée print created by Ellie Evelyn Orrell exclusively for The Poster Club.

Printed on 265g natural art paper with a matt, uncoated finish, and lightly textured surface, that ensures a rich and vibrant display of colours. 

The Poster Club prints are custom printed to order in Denmark.

Each print is professionally printed and takes approximately takes 4-6 weeks to print, pack, ship and custom frame, if you choose to opt for framing.

With quality framing available by FRAMING TO A T FRAMERS & DESIGNERS, each framed piece is completed using quality materials to ensure your artwork is expertly finished. Checkout online for framing of this piece in an Oak Frame, White Frame or Black Frame with clear glass, or contact us for a custom frame design.

All unframed prints are to be handled with extreme care and only opened by a framer using cotton gloves. Avoid contact with skin and any oils/moisture.

Get in touch for assistance with selecting the perfect art size and frame design for your home or creative space.

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