Palm Springs Riders
Slim Aarons

As seen in Scott Cam's kitchenette and study on this season on The Block, FRAMING TO A T sourced and custom framed this beautiful photographic print for the stunning country cottage interiors.

A group of riders among Washingtonia palms in Andreas Canyon, Palm Springs, southern California, January 1970.

Slim Aarons captured glamorous jetsetters and beautiful people living fabulous lives during the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. These large-scale images create a gallery-like focal point in a room, bringing sun-drenched nostalgia, spectacular locations, glamour and fun into your space. From France to Italy, from Palm Springs to the Bahamas, Slim Aarons’ works whisk you away to exclusive clubs and private retreats.

Owned and housed by Getty Images, Slim Aarons photographic prints are printed and authorized by Getty Images Gallery, London, sourced from the original negative. Each photographic print is printed on demand by Getty Images and takes 4-6 weeks to print, dry, pack and ship to Australia.

Framed in Melbourne by FRAMING TO A T FRAMERS & DESIGNERS, each piece is framed using quality materials to ensure your framed artwork is expertly finished.


Size Art Print Dimensions Framed Art Dimensions Frame Information
C 465mm x 508mm 680mm x 780mm
Frame profile dimensions 30mm wide x 20mm high
D 508mm x 610mm 770mm x 890mm Frame profile dimensions 30mm wide x 20mm high
E 508mm x 762mm 770mm x 1010mm Frame profile dimensions 30mm wide x 20mm high
F 630mm x 930mm 930mm x 1130mm Frame profile dimensions 40mm wide x 35mm high
G 930mm x 1420mm 1150mm x 1640mm Frame profile dimensions 40mm wide x 35mm high

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