Good Things Happen Just Because
Georgie Wilson

Limited edition print of 30 in each size, by artist Georgie Wilson.
Geo found the banksia foliage referenced in this painting at her beachside park when hanging with the whole family one evening. This absolute leafy clarity silhouetted against the sky made her feel really buoyed by the colours used in this artwork. "They make me feel good! Hence the name :) Hope you have some good things happening in your life right now too - it's the right time to be looking for them."
Georgie's paintings appear velvety and soft by painting slightly out of focus. This technique is unique to her work and blends elements of realism and abstraction seamlessly. By layering colours Georgie creates depth and texture with hints of colours showing through otherwise solid areas.


This artwork can be printed on paper or canvas.
Print on Paper - 300g cotton rag paper, acid free base with archival inks.
Print on Canvas - 350gsm artist canvas, poly-cotton acid free base with archival inks.

Georgie Wilson's art prints are made to order.
Each print is professionally printed on artist quality canvas or paper and takes approximately 4 weeks to print, dry, pack and ship.

Framing by FRAMING TO A T using expert framing techniques, quality materials, ethically sourced timbers.

For print on paper, the artwork is framed in a cashew oak frame with options for clear glass or a premium anti-reflective glass.
For print on canvas, the artwork is stretched on a stretcher frame and framed in an L shape cashew oak frame.
Allow 2 weeks for custom framing and delivery.

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