Debbie Mackenzie

Debbie Mackenzie is an artist residing on the Mornington Peninsula. Her paintings are largely about reverie; a sense of place, a desire to be there.

Debbie intuitively paints somewhere to escape the demands of modern technology and expectation. Somewhere to be still and quiet.  

These are places to be with YOURSELF in your own head to appreciate the wonder of who we are and where we are! Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally.  

Debbie believes now more than ever is the time to be a dreamer.

“I feel most content, calm and complete in the natural world, in particular places where the sky is big and the land is vast.  I am in awe of how beautiful the world is, its power and then conversely, how insignificant we are.  The older I get the more important this seems to be.  In an effort to equalise all the technology and the frenetics technology brings, I find myself needing and wanting to express my desire for what I love in the landscape and the comfort I find there.” 

- Debbie Mackenzie