September 2018

Left: ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ by Ali McNabney Stevens in collaboration withBrent Rosenberg.

Right: ‘Girl with a Pearl’ by Ali McNabney Stevens in collaboration withBrent Rosenberg. 

Framing by Framing to a T. Styling by Greenhouse Interiors.Photography by Armelle Habib.

The GI Art App is a new 3D Augmented Reality Art app. It’s free to download, and you’ll find hundreds of artworks available with Greenhouse Interiors to select from. Preview the art in your interior space via your iPhone or iPad.

‘Girl with a Pearl’ by Ali McNabney Stevens in collaboration with Brent Rosenberg. 

Experiment with photographic prints, original artworks and even your framing choices to work out what style of art and framing will work in your home. 

This new Apple technology is all to scale and in 3D to give you a whole new experience with how you shop for art. You can find this app in the App store.

After having a play with the app and all of the beautiful art pictured in your home, or after purchasing your artwork, you can visit us in store with your newfound favourite art ideas and we can guide you in designing the ultimate framing choice for your home. 

We encourage you to take your picture framing choice into consideration when purchasing new art. You have just invested in a new love that is going to either tie in with your existing home décor, or inspire you to introduce new colours to your homewares and decorating accessories.

Experience the difference of a custom picture framing choice that will enhance your artwork while complementing your space in which the art will be installed.Working with expert picture framers will ensure your art will be framed with conservation techniques so it is safe, and you can enjoy it for years to come.

You can visit us at any of our three beautiful locations and our Design Consultants will help you explore custom framing designs in a warm, welcoming and creative space.

This is why Greenhouse Interiors choose to recommend Framing to a T as one of their preferred Picture Framers.