A TV-Mirror Creating a Statement in Daniel and Jade's Living and Dining Room on The Block 2020

October 2020

This season on The Block, team from South Australia, Daniel and Jade were ecstatic to bring a custom made TV-Mirror into their Living and Dining Room.

The impressive size of the 65” TV-Mirror called for a bold frame design to balance not only the large TV size, but also the floor to ceiling textured wall with curved detail. The lime-based curved wall by Nova Color has a stone effect with metallic fleck through the finish, so we worked to complement our frame choice for the Mirror TV with this feature, as well as the furniture in this space. 

A TV-Mirror in a black and gold frame in a light-filled bedroom setting.

Using three individual frames, a matte black square frame, paired with an elegant silver leaf frame with a red undertone, finished with a sleek matte black inner frame, this TV-Mirror is creating an incredible statement in this space. Working alongside FRAMING TO A T, Jade and Daniel came up with a frame choice for their TV-Mirror that worked with all their styling elements in the room. Our expertise in design, innovation and custom framing is why the couple felt so confident with their decision as this 65" TV-Mirror was a perfect complement to their home.

The grey tone of the mirror glass brings a beautiful mood and ambience to this room, working with the dark sheers and the architectural curves to soften this space. 

The mirror television in the Living and Dining Room reflects Daniel and Jade’s kitchen, featuring the curved Christian Cole kitchen bench, so when standing in this room, you are admiring this beautiful hand crafted piece of furniture as well as the curved wall in front of you. The movement of these elements brings warmth and depth to this family living room, enhanced by the beauty of the TV-Mirror.

We loved that the judges commented on the fact that although there aren’t any artworks in this space, the Mirror TV acts as art on this stunning wall.

A TV-Mirror hanging on the wall of a coastal, elegant bedroom setting
A TV-Mirror hanging on the wall of a coastal, elegant bedroom setting
A close up detail image of the frame design of a TV-Mirror. A piece of coral sits on top of some decorative books.

Having the back of the TV sitting recessed into an alcove in the wall is a great way to incorporate your TV-Mirror seamlessly into a space. Jade and Daniel planned to have the back of the TV hidden in the alcove and the frame sitting proud of the wall for a more mirror-like result.

When preparing your wall for a TV-Mirror, we do have to wait until we have purchased and received the TV before sharing the exact measurements for your alcove with you and your builder, as each TV can be slightly different dimensions. Once it has arrived at our workshop ready to be built into a TV-Mirror, we can establish the exact TV measurements, what size the frame is, then we can share with you what size to build the alcove, including the plaster, and the depth of the alcove. 

Our TV-Mirrors designed to sit within an alcove are installed on a swivel bracket to allow access to the power and HDMI behind the TV with ease.

A bedroom setting with a four poster bed, lush white linens and fresh flowers on the bedside
A framed artwork featuring a palm illustration hangs on the wall of this bedroom setting

Explore this TV-Mirror custom-made alongside Jade and Daniel, discover more pieces as seen on The Block, or contact us for more information on creating a custom made Mirror TV for your home or interior space.