June 2019

So you’ve just purchased some new art!.. The next step is custom picture framing this exciting purchase.

Investing in the artwork you have chosen to fill your home or creative space shouldn’t stop after just purchasing the art. Whether it’s a photographic print, an art print, print on canvas, original artwork, or limited edition piece, it is so important to invest in quality custom framing for so many reasons.

We often bring art into our interiors to inject life, colour and style into our space. Complete your new art purchase with quality, considered custom framing as the finishing touch to your art investment. There is such a great range of framing mouldings to choose from to achieve the right look for you.

When choosing a framing design, you not only make your selection to complement the artwork, but your interior style and elements like furnishings and finishes in your space as well.

‘Glamour 1’ framed in an elegant gold frame.Styling by Greenhouse Interiors and NC Interiors for Heatherly Design.Framed artwork available at Framing to a T.

‘Sea 7’ framed in natural oak timber.Styling by Greenhouse Interiors

Framed artwork available at Framing to a T.

One of the most important reasons for custom picture framing your art purchase is to protect and preserve the artwork.

We focus not only on the aesthetic, but conservation techniques of our custom framing process, to ensure each artwork receives the utmost care and attention from our expert picture framers in these procedures. Quality conservation framing will protect your artwork from sun damage and pollutants to maintain its original quality for decades to come.

We feel very strongly about shopping consciously and with purpose, from everyday choices, to where your art is sourced and how the framing is produced.

‘Station Pier’ by Angus O’Callaghan framed in a matte white frame. Styling by Greenhouse Interiors

Framed artwork available at Framing to a T.

Artwork by Kerry ArmstrongStyling by Greenhouse Interiors

Framed artwork available at Framing to a T.

Choosing Framing to a T to design and produce your custom framing will give you the confidence that the quality timbers are sustainably sourced and ethically produced.

It is important to be aware of some cheaper framing options that are made from plastics and inferior materials and are mass produced, may not be right for you, your artwork, or the environment.

When the ‘throwaway lifestyle’ is something that we are all aware of, and conscious to eradicate this negative consumer behaviour, investing in an art purchase for it to last a lifetime is so important.

As leading custom picture framers in Melbourne, you can visit any of our three locations and our Design Consultants can guide you through the process, choosing a framing design that you love just as much as your artwork.