Artist in Profile | Helen Katavatis

July 2024

Melbourne-based artist Helen Katavatis paints from the heart. Helen’s energy is abundant which is visible in her work. Her use of colours, shapes and texture is alluring. We are delighted to introduce Helen’s original artworks to our range in-stores at FRAMING TO A T.

The earthy nature of Helen Katavatis' original artworks, lends itself to a range of interior styles. Her works feel right at home in contemporary interiors, coastal spaces, country properties, as well as traditional or heritage homes. 

Helen Katavatis creates original painting commissions to suit your style and colour palette. We share a selection of Helen's exquisite abstract paintings as featured in stores with FRAMING TO A T across our Brighton Store and Berwick Store window displays. With a range of frame styles available to choose from, our clients can select their ideal art size, colours for inspiration within the painting and then complete with custom framing by FRAMING TO A T.

We catch up with Helen to discover her inspirations and processes creating her unique, abstract paintings.

As a creative person with background in fashion design, have you always painted and created art?

I can say that from a young age, it was clear that my constant enthusiasm for painting and creativity would become my predominant career path.

What inspires you to paint?

Painting for me is my way of artistic expression. I’m inspired by the beauty of natural formations. My eye scans over and makes a visual file, capturing exquisite detail of colour, texture and intricate branch and leaf interactions. This becomes my personal visual reference and with abstract imagination, I then interpret to canvas.

How do you work with your favourite colour palettes?

I choose colour palettes that are harmonious and toned back, this conveys a sense of place and mood, yet there is a strong interplay of considered colour to excite the eye.

With abstract brush strokes on textured canvas, you capture natural elements beautifully. What are your first steps when planning a painting?

When I start painting, I don’t always predetermine the exact outcome, however, I do know the feeling and impression I intend to capture for the viewer.

I trust my intuition as my composition emerges. I aim to achieve an abundance of texture and movement with a sense of detailed intrigue.

With many years of creative work over the span of your career, how has your art style developed?

My art style has definitely evolved and matured in the way of its unique signature loose and gestural marks, also my fearless use of heavy textural paint.I paint with pure honesty and energy and follow my instinctive approach to achieve a unique artistic outcome.

With original artworks available to order in magnificent large-scale sizes, through to Helen's newer miniature sizes, explore an original artwork commission to suit your interiors with FRAMING TO A T, Melbourne stockists of artist Helen Katavatis' work.

For enquiries please contact or visit your nearest FRAMING TO A T Melbourne store location.